Protecting yourself with escorts high class

Protecting yourself with escorts high class


Hey guys! It’s Alice again and I’m back to start another round of my escorts high class tips. Previously, we have discussed attire and hygiene as two of the most important elements for your booking with high class escorts. If you haven’t read them yet, make sure you do and prepare yourself as much as possible if your first booking with escorts high class or not, is looming on the horizon.

Today, I’d like to talk about a topic that is very important to me: protection. And more specifically, I’d like to talk about intimate protection. It is not a secret that, if a client and an escort get along well together and like each other very much, they can become intimate together. I’ve done it plenty of times and it has brought me some of the most passionate nights of my life.

And I also know that protection isn’t everyone’s favourite topic. A lot of people complain that the rubber gets in the way, that it removes part of the sensation or that it keeps you from feeling as close as possible to your partner. Honestly, I feel the same way and I like it a lot more when the love is free, so to speak.

However, whether you’re meeting escorts high class or not, or regular girls for the first time, you should always protect yourself. When push comes to shove, if your partner is skilled enough, you’ll soon forget that the rubber is even there and you’ll just let go, overwhelmed by pleasure and passion. And what’s even more important, you will be protecting your health.

All escorts high class, myself included, test themselves regularly. For example, I get myself tested once every few weeks, to ensure my safety and that of my beloved customers and partners. But, if you’re just starting your adventure with a new escort, this shouldn’t matter and you should still use it.

If you happen to see one of my escorts high class periodically for an extended amount of time and your bond becomes stronger, you may forego the rubber if you BOTH decide to do so and if she’s on the pill. This is the only case in which I’d recommend something like this.

And that’s it for now, guys. I hope you’ve found my tips helpful and you’ll keep them in mind in the future.

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