My high class call girls stories

It’s been a couple of months since I last looked to book high class call girls in London and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. Before that, I used to book a different girl each week and have loads of fun. Unfortunately, my car broke down and I’m saving up to buy a really nice one. This means that, at the moment I can’t afford to revel in the company of the most beautiful women in London. Because, at least for me, traditional dating has lost its magic. You can get disappointed only so many times until you realise that you need something new in your life.

For me, that something new has materialised itself in London’s beautiful high class call girls. With these gorgeous escorts, I can do all the things I always wanted but never could. I get to pick the places where we eat, where we grab a few drinks and what we do afterwards. And if things go well and we end up in bed together, I’m not getting a plank girl that does nothing but lay on her back and wait to be pleased. No, I get an open minded girl who likes what she’s doing and loves to please as much as she loves being pleased. Even my intimate life has never been better. But, for another month, I can’t really do more than reminisce.

Masked ball with high class call girls

One of my favourite bookings happened right before last Halloween. The bank where I work with organised a masked ball, that would be attended by employees from all over the country. At first, I didn’t really want to go, but then I realised I can do something pretty great. I called two of my favourite high class call girls, Clarissa and Vanessa and told them that I wanted to book them for an entire night and that we’d be going to a masked ball.

The girls accepted and decided to come dressed as Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Meanwhile, I went as Batman, of course, but only wore a tuxedo, the mask and a cape. When I got there with the girls, I caused a bit of a stir, but it was funny because few people realised who I was. The girls and I danced a lot and, every time guys came to try to pick them up, they came closer to me. Basically, they were my girlfriends for the evening. After about 3 hours at the party, the girls and I decided it got boring and we went back to my hotel room. It was one of the most mind blowing nights I’ve ever had.

When I went to work the next week, I was the talk of the company. Everybody who was there was wondering who was the guy with the two hottest girls at the party. In time, I let them know that it was me. Isn’t it wonderful that you can do so many things with high class call girls in London?

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