Best hotels for you and your high class escort

Location is extremely important when you go out with a high class escort, especially for the first time. Luckily, London is a huge city with many places where you and the lady can have loads of fun. However, for me, the ideal spot for a first booking with a new escort is always the hotel. This doesn’t mean that we have to spend all our time together in the room. We can do that if we want, of course, but we can also have some drinks or grab some food if it takes our fancy.

But, when we want to retire and share in each other’s company privately, the hotel room is better than her place or your place. Or at least that’s my opinion. Maybe I am a mistrusting bastard, but I don’t like letting someone I don’t know into my home. If you’re worried that only booking the high class escort is going to cost a lot of money and you can’t afford a hotel room too, stop. There are plenty of venues that offer cheap accommodation, and many high class escorts don’t care about luxury, as long as the room is clean and furnished in good taste. However, if that’s the case with you, I suggest waiting a bit more until you can get a really good room, so you can really enjoy your booking to the fullest. Now let me tell you about a couple of my favourite hotels.

My favourite hotels when with a high class escort

The ME hotel is my absolute favourite. They have really nice rooms for the prices they charge and their services really are impeccable. Not only that, but at the top of the hotel there’s a really cool bar, where you can get drinks, foods and admire the beautiful London skyline. It makes for a great location for any first date, not only if you’re with a high class escort. I really enjoy how accessible it is and the staff there is really friendly. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the ME is definitely a good shout.

One of my other big favourites is the Four Seasons at Park Lane. This one is a little more expensive. Well, quite a bit more actually, but it’s still in a decent price range and it has awesome amenities. You and your escort can enjoy the hotel’s fine dining together as well as the spa. This 5 star hotel is actually affordable when compared to other establishments and the fact that it’s in Mayfair makes it even better. Why? Because that area has some of the finest high class escorts in all of London. By booking at a hotel in that area, you give yourself a shot to meet the most exclusivist escorts in the city.

There you go. These are my two favourite hotels when I’m with a high class escort. I hope you find my recommendations useful!

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